Hydration for women

This is the Rhythm of our Lives: A Comprehensive Guide for Women’s Hydration

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Thirst Desert
Water Jun 11, 2021
Dry as The Sahara: Exploring the Concept of Thirst

Thirst is the way our brains let us know that it’s time to stop whatever we are doing and drink a big glass of water. What is the first symptom of thirst? Most likely that bone-dry, parched sensation in your ...

Woman drinking flask of water at lake
Water Apr 20, 2021
Effects of Hydration: The Journey of Water Through Your Body

Is there anything more delicious than a drink of water when you’re parched? The water floods into your mouth, tickling your taste buds and moistening the back of your throat. The relief feels instantaneous; you can veritably feel the effects ...

fermented water
Health Mar 11, 2021
Water Kefir: What Is Probiotic Water?

What is water kefir? This low-sugar fermented drink is filled with probiotics and healthy bacteria. It has many health benefits like improving digestion and gut health ...

bottle of water and crystal
Water Mar 2, 2021
Truth or Tale? Putting Water Fads Under Scientific Scrutiny

Can you make a glass of cold and clean water anymore restorative than it already is? Water has figured into a myriad of recent wellness fads claiming to elevate this essential part of our lives to another level.  Is it ...

Closeup of a woman touching her face
Water Feb 19, 2021
Is Mineralized Water the Path Towards Great Skin?

Hydration is frequently cited as the quickest route to great skin. Ask practically any celebrity what they do to achieve their beautiful complexion and they will inevitably answer, “drinking lots of water.” Water consumption is often glorified for its role ...

Budapest Thermal Spring spa
Health Jan 7, 2021
Healing with Water: Balneotherapy in East Central Europe

East Central Europe has been marked by the social, cultural, scientific significance of their natural mineral and thermal waters. For centuries, inhabitants of this region have given the utmost credence to their salutary powers, drinking and bathing in thousands of ...

Health Nov 20, 2020
7 Takeaways From Our Sports Hydration Webinar

For our recent webinar, we brought together three fitness professionals to talk all about sports hydration. Our lively expert panel welcomed Alex Hipwell (Nike Master Trainer), Adelle Tracey (professional 800m athlete), and Julia-Sarah Hennig (nutrition expert and fitness trainer at ...

Health Oct 8, 2018
Healthy Habits for Autumn

This past summer, we had the privilege of hosting Hannah Pehlgrimm, an experienced herbalist and natural practitioner, for Health from the Inside Out: Intersection of Water & Hormones. As our first Facebook AMA, we explored various hormonal health problems, as ...

Health Aug 23, 2018
How safe is tap water in the United States?

There is currently historic debate regarding the quality of tap water in the United States. “In general, the water quality in the U.S. is very good,” Stuart Batterman, a professor of environmental health sciences at the University of Michigan, recently ...

Health Jul 25, 2018
Therapeutic ways to incorporate water into your life

There are unbounded situations where our interaction with water inspires personal enrichment for the mind, body and soul. In our hyperconnected reality of 2018, this proves especially important. While hydration and cleansing are more common uses, water can also be ...