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We are delighted to announce our partnership with

When Mitte was founded in 2016, our aim was to provide healthy hydration to every body. We have always believed that embedded within this mission was the fact that access to clean, healthy water is a fundamental human right. However, this couldn’t be further from the harsh reality where one out of every three people on our planet do not have access to safe water (WHO/JMP).

Our mission cannot be limited to delivering healthy hydration to privileged markets alone. As we strive towards achieving our inclusive mission, we will always donate a portion of the sales from the Mitte Home cartridges to organizations facilitating access to safe water to those who need it. 

There are many organizations committed to this endeavor by building vital infrastructure in places that lack a safe water supply; whether by empowering local entrepreneurs to run filtration units in places where water is contaminated or by helping families get access to water through affordable financing.

One such organization is Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, collaborates with in-country financial institutions to provide affordable loans to families to install water and sanitation solutions at home. They’ve empowered more than 38 million people with access to safe water. 

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We are very happy to announce that we are supporting to continue bringing critical safe water access to people in need. For every Mitte cartridge our customers use, we will make a donation to to help provide two years of safe water access to someone in need.

“We appreciate the support of Mitte to help change lives around the world. Together we will empower families in need with lasting access to safe water, and the hope, health and opportunity that flow from it.”
– Melanie Mendrys, Director of Brand + Marketing

Every body deserves healthy hydration. Our partnership with is just one starting point within our mission and our commitment to leave things better than before.

By Natalia Kvitkova — Nov 4, 2021
The information contained in this article is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or nutritional advice.

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