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One of the big questions that tends to crop up for a company is how to make business growth and sustainability go hand in hand. 

And as a purpose-driven team, it’s probably one of the most important topics we concern ourselves with. Not just how we create a positive impact, but how we communicate that impact through our products and actions.

Back in 2018, on a work trip to San Francisco, our CEO Moritz and CMO Karan discussed how we would express our purpose publicly.

A lot of thought was put into finding the right words to convey who Mitte is and what we envision accomplishing. Most importantly, what our responsibility is with our mission for healthy hydration. 

And it was on that trip that the idea for a Mitte manifesto was born – or, in other words, a calendar invite was swiftly set up to brainstorm this back in Berlin.

The ‘Why’

A few of us in the office thought about why we would want to create a manifesto in the first place, and why we would want to use it. As a powerful reminder of our values? Yes. As a public declaration of our intentions? Also yes.

We knew a manifesto would serve to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. And that it exists as a way to push those actions forward.

But above all, we understood the following: the reason we were all part of Mitte, dedicating time and energy in our Berlin office every day, is because we shared the same values. And therefore our purpose – and that of our manifesto, for that matter – is a natural manifestation of those values and our mission, not the other way around. 

To stay true to that, we decided to organize an offsite workshop to get the whole team involved.

The ‘How’

We gathered together just outside of Berlin, in Brandenburg, for a weekend aimed to pin down Mitte values into words. And, among other team-building activities (and some lake swimming), it worked.

Moritz, Karan and our COO Johannes led the intros and from there, the whole team got involved. From Marketing to Lab to Tech to HR, each team was mixed up, split into five teams, and then asked to come up with what they’d define as core to Mitte.

More specifically, teams were asked to outline the following:

  • How do we want to treat our users? 
  • How do we want to treat our planet?
  • How do we want to treat ourselves? 
  • How do our products reflect these values?

We spoke about the importance of true credibility. And we noted the situation we were in environmentally: the overuse of plastic and inaccessibility to healthy water for many. And above all, everyone expressed a desire to have a positive impact, recognizing the complexity involved in wanting to legitimately correct mistakes of the past. 

All of these ideas were gathered together back in Berlin where a smaller core team – made up of reps from each department – refined what captures the drive behind Mitte. 

Ideas that you now see today in our manifesto as the four P’s.

The ‘What’

The four P’s, as you might have already seen, refer specifically to our Purpose, Product, People and Planet. 

Our mission for healthy hydration is for every body. Our products are to empower water drinkers to take control of their water, wherever they are. Our people demonstrate how important it is for us to build better together as a team, for you, and for ourselves – and to go about achieving all of this with respect to protecting our planet. 

Above all, the four P’s come under one overarching core value for us: to make everything better than before.

Finding The Right Words

Purpose-driven is such an important part of why we’re here. And whilst that might sound like a nice statement, it’s among the top answers when we ask why people want to work for Mitte. It’s among the top answers when the team comes together to brainstorm for a manifesto. And it’s an answer that still rings true for the team now.

We took a lot of time in coming together to pinpoint what that purpose is. Mostly because that purpose has always been there and it felt important to find the right words to demonstrate that – words that for us, serve as a powerful reminder of our vision going forward.

Thank you for being part of our mission, and the Mitte journey. 

You can read our full mission statement here.

By James — Apr 23, 2020
The information contained in this article is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or nutritional advice.

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