Contaminated water from fracking

Radioactive Water to Mining & Fracking Effluent: What Happens to Contaminated Water?

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Sustainability May 10, 2021
The Morality of Materials: Using Plastic in Design

Product design loves plastic––or so it seems after half a century of electing the wondrous material to a ubiquitous presence (and permanence) on Earth. Why is the use of plastic so prevalent in design? It’s a matter of utility: Cheap, ...

Made of Air Black plastic Facade Panels
Sustainability Mar 26, 2021
Towards A Circular Future: How to See Garbage Through New Eyes

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines a circular economy as an “economic system that aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.”  This lays in stark contrast to the reality of our current ...

Places soon underwater because of climate change
Sustainability Jan 21, 2021
The Next Atlantis: Places Soon Underwater

The island of Atlantis is a fitting fable for the predicament many places face as ocean levels rise globally as a result of global warming. However, the tale has more parallels than a body of vulnerable land merely disappearing beneath ...

Sustainability Apr 25, 2019
Every Day is Earth Day

It has been said that “nothing exists alone” in nature. On April 22, those throughout the world came together for Earth Day, celebrated annually since 1970. The theme this year, “Protect Our Species,” was a reminder to the billions of ...

Sustainability Feb 20, 2019
What China’s import ban on plastic waste means for the rest of the world

At the start of 2018, China acted on its import ban on 24 types of recyclable materials, including recycled plastics, as part of an environmental reform movement designed to deal with its own growing waste problems. After 25 years of ...

Water Oct 31, 2018
Exploring the intersection of sustainability and food & beverage (F&B) at Food for Thought

Our panelists for the night include Julian Lechner (Founder of Kaffeeform), Christophe Maire (Founder of Atlantic Labs), Nadja Flohr-Spence (Co-Founder of Sustainable Food Academy) and Moritz Waldstein (Co-Founder of Mitte). It was an insightful and engaging session with great participation ...

Water Oct 15, 2018
David versus Goliath: The impact of small sustainable food brands on the industry at large

It’s a new food world. The modern consumer demand for more sustainable food is evident: In a 2017 proprietary quantitative study conducted by Barkley, new products with sustainability and traceability claims exceeded all other new product platform territories including portion ...

Sustainability Oct 5, 2018
Meet our #FoodforThoughtBerlin panelists: Sebastian Stricker, Moritz Waldstein, and Julian Lechner

We had the opportunity to sit down with three of our panelists: Sebastian (Founder of share),Moritz (Co-founder of Mitte), and Julian (Founder of Kaffeeform), for a short chat before Food for Thought takes place on 17 October 2018. They had ...

Sustainability Sep 27, 2018
Food for thought: A panel discussion on sustainability in the food & beverage industry

Besides acknowledging the effect it has on our health, it is also paramount to examine how food production and consumption is affecting our society, environment, and resources. The enormous effort to satisfy big appetites across the globe creates significant environmental ...

Sustainability Jul 18, 2018
The truth about recycling plastic

While it might make you feel like an environmental hero, most of the plastic you carefully deposit in recycling bins does not get recycled. In 2018 alone more than 359 million tons of new plastic was produced globally. Less than ...